Enrich Nutrition

Nutritional Therapy uses nutrition science and research to identify and address potential nutritional imbalances that may be contributing to your symptoms. The key focus is to achieve good health and wellbeing by balancing and sustaining the function, structure and energy processes of the body.

Recognising that diet and lifestyle are among the factors that most profoundly influence the body, a Nutritional Therapy consultation can support you to achieve optimum energy levels and healthy blood sugar balance, to maintain optimal digestion and absorption of nutrients, to encourage metabolic and hormonal balance, to promote and support thyroid function and performance, to optimise skin vitality, to support immune function and to optimise fertility.

I offer one-to-one consultations for all ages. Whether you’re looking for support with a specific symptom or if you just want to check you are on the right track with regards to healthy eating, invest in your health today and contact me to discuss further.


“Zoe is a joy to work with – she listens, asks good questions and then creates eating plans around the food that I like! She is also very professional, and I think provides very good value for all the work she puts into working out suggestions that are tailored to my needs.” Gillian, Hythe

“I was having problems sleeping, which led to me eating the wrong food in order for me to function through the days. This had a knock on effect on my health and led to weight gain. I knew I needed some guidance and turned to Zoe. Her questioning was logical without being intrusive. Zoe is lovely and a great listener. We worked through her recommendations making sure they were attainable. I feel amazing! I sleep, I’m happy, am calmer but with more energy. Thank you Zoe.” Denise, Egerton

“I met with Zoe as I knew I needed to make some changes to my diet, I was feeling tired and sluggish and had little energy, however I was dreading being told to eat salad and vegetables constantly! Zoe did nothing of the sort, she was very friendly and approachable and was understanding of my need for biscuits! Zoe even pointed out symptoms that I hadn’t realised I suffered from! We devised a plan together and kept it realistic for me, it was simple and easy to stick to, taking into account my busy lifestyle and biscuit addiction! After just a few days I noticed a difference in myself. Thank you Zoe for making me look at what I eat in a different way and for making me realise that a few simple changes can make me and my family much healthier and happier!” Vicki, New Romney

“I found The Nutritional Therapy consultation with Zoe extremely helpful. Thanks to Zoe my health issues have improved and I am making good progress. I would have no qualms at all in recommending Zoe for a consultation.” Zoe, Rochester

“I consulted Zoe as I have a chronic medical condition and I wanted to see if improving my nutrition would also improve my general health. I was really impressed with Zoe’s professional knowledge and her thoroughness. The individual Health Plan she produced for me has been extremely helpful.” Christina, Brighton